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PureMusix Entertainment Announces the New EP “Damages” from Laird Oli. Dallas, TX — PureMusix Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of the Debut EP entitled Damages featuring Ay Yi Yi, Damages is an EP that encompasses both the new and old R&B sounds we all love. Laird Oli collaborated with 2x Grammy award winning Producer Jon John Robinson of Box-Car-Digital.

CD title : Bounce To That
Genre: Hiphop
Country: USA

We taking it back to the Bay!! “Bounce To That” is a single from the latest album “Road Trip” LP.

Hot210Radio Premeires Brings The Artist Lyrical Slave From Newark, NJ New Single: Poppin Bottles. See Our Website For More Information On This Artist.

((((((ShootaDance))))) Artist Major Brandish

People may Ask why the name SHOOT? We all know Jamaican culture has dance hall, when saluting we put our finger like a gun some do it, while some don’t, but we are a people of Drum, Bass And Dancing. BRANDISH implements Elite Team SHOOTA Dance move. What make it easy was it is also a dance move. (((SHOOTA SHOOTA SHOOTA))) take a good listen tell me what u think bless.

CD title : Something In The Water
Genre: Hiphop / Urban
Country: USA

Something In The Water is a cinematic track, in which Dagnabit describes how women are all the same, no matter what they look like or where they come from. The basic premise is that guys should try not to be infatuated with scandalous females.

CD title : Ecstasy
Genre: Hiphop / R&B
Country: USA

“Ecstasy” is the third release from Blue-Shakespeare’s “Poetic Justice” EP. This track is a hit from the start.
A perfect summer hit to get the dance floor packed and jumping and With Stan Michaels singing vocals it guarantees to get the lady’s screaming.